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Home ImprovementIf you are thinking about selling your home (or buying one to fix up), knowing which improvement projects will give you the best return on your investment is very important. 

As you research different articles and reports you will find that for the most part the information is consistent.  Based on information received from the Huffington Post, we have broken down some of the top return on investment projects that you might consider.

1.  Replace Your Front Door –  In some cases you may not notice your front door if you regularly use another entrance to your home, but a new door makes a major impression on prospective buyers and yields an 86 percent return on your investment.  If your door doesn’t really need replacing, you can paint it and replace the hardware and get a similar type of impact.

2. Add a Deck or Patio –  No matter where you live, buyers are looking for outdoor living spaces including a new wood deck.  If you already have a deck, you might consider a water feature, new landscaping or an outdoor fireplace.  Return on your investment is reported at a 77 percent return on your investment.

3. Remodel Your Kitchen –  Kitchens and Bathrooms are looked at closely by buyers so you should as well.  It is reported that you can recoup 75 percent on a minor kitchen remodel and 60-68 percent on a major kitchen remodel.  If you are not interested in a full kitchen remodel, you may consider a couple of things such as painting the cabinets with adding new updated hardware or just replacing the counter tops with current surfaces such granite.

4. Replace Your Windows –  Windows add an attractive appeal to your home not to mention the added value of energy efficiency.  It doesn’t matter whether you are replacing wood or vinyl framed windows, it is reported that you can get a 72 percent return on your investment.  When selling your home, this is something that you definitely want to highlight as a major selling point. 

With the above projects in mind, this should improve your chances of grabbing the attention of prospective buyers and potentially put your home in front of others to be purchased first.

Make sure to look through our website for doors, cabinets, windows, and hardware to fit the projects mentioned above as well as several other products we make available for your remodel needs.  Stop in to see our Showroom as our professional representatives can fit you with the right products to enhance the value of your home. 

By:  Dennis Donnelly

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