Replacement Windows

Integrity Double Hung imagesMore specifically, what is a replacement window??? There are three very distinct types of replacement window products:

• Sash Replacement – This type of replacement involves replacing the existing sash in a traditional wood or clad wood double hung window. It should only be considered if there are no issues with water intrusion or frame degradation, and the existing frame is plumb and square. This can be a relatively non intrusive way to replace sash and balance systems with higher performing glass in new sash. Another benefit is that interior and exterior trim are not disturbed. A window professional should always verify measurements and frame conditions as this type of replacement will not work if not ordered with perfect accuracy.

• Pocket Replacement – This type of replacement fits a complete new engineered window inside an existing frame condition. Generally, the new window will have less visible glass width than the original window. If the existing window frame is in poor condition, out of square, or if there are water intrusion issues, a pocket replacement is not a recommended solution. Always have a window professional verify measurement and frame conditions to insure a proper fit.

• Full Frame Replacement – This type of replacement is generally the best solution as the new window is actually installed as a new construction detail and is not dependent on existing frame conditions that may be compromised and not properly flashed to the building envelope. This method involves completely removing the existing window and installing a complete new engineered window system into the opening according to the latest scientific methods and approved materials. After installation, new exterior and interior trim are installed.

Kansas City Building Supply can assist you in determining which method best fits your application, aesthetic requirements, and conditions.

By:  Bernard Timmer

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6 Responses to Replacement Windows

  1. Amazing to see how different regions deal with different problems and solutions when it comes to replacement windows. Very interesting!

  2. Wendel Patterson says:

    J. D. Nelson built this home in 1995 and it has dozens of Marvin windows throughout. Two of the windows in the suite upstairs need replacement because of wood rot. Are you able to do that? If so, do I need to bring window to your shop or just give you measurements?

    • admin says:

      Wendel – We do not typically perform wood rot repair. However, we do handle Marvin windows and may be able to help you with a replacement.

  3. This page is great, very informative.Very nice information. Informative topic, thanks for posting this blog.

  4. Walter Reed says:

    I am looking for someone to repair rotted sashes?

    • admin says:

      Sorry Walter, we do not do this type of work. You may try a local painter or look for a wood rot specialist.

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