Replacing Your Entry Handle

Rocky Mountain Blog imagesIf you want to update your existing front door handleset and replace it with a new handleset there are several things you need to consider.  Aside from the style and hardware finish several things must be taken into account in order to ensure your hardware will install and work properly.  Don’t assume all hardware is “standard” or interchangeable.  Here is a list of several things one should consider:

     1. Measure the thickness of the door.  Typically it will be 1-3/4” on an exterior door but some doors are thicker and we will need that measurement.
     2. Measure the backset of your door.  To get this measurement measure from the edge of the door to the centerline of the deadbolt hole.  This measurement determines your latchbolt length and is typically either 2-3/8” or 2-3/4”.
     3. Measure the distance between the 2-1/8” bores.  A bore size is the term which denotes the holes in your door where the lockset fits in.  The easiest way to determine how far apart the bore holes are is to open the door and measure the strikes on the edge of the door.  Take a measurement from the centerline of the deadbolt latch to the centerline of the lockset latch to determine how far apart the bores are.  If you have a one piece handleset this measurement is typically 5-1/2” apart.  If you have a two piece handleset and the deadbolt is separate from the thumblatch this measurement can vary on the door.
     4. If you have an existing handleset there is usually a small hole on the inside of the door which is holding the bottom of the handleset on.  This measurement varies from each manufacturer and also from each handleset but if you do not want to fill in this hole it is important to get this measurement.  To determine the distance between the handleset bore and the thrubolt bore
you will need to measure the centerline of the handleset bore to the centerline of the thrubolt bore.
     5.  Finally we will need the handing of the door.  The door will either be a right hand or left hand swing.  The easiest way to determine this is to stand on the front porch or exterior side of the door and determine which side the hinges are on.  If they are on the right you have a right hand door and if they are on the left you have a left hand door.

There are many options and different handleset to choose from but you need to determine how your existing door is prepped before you can start to select a new handleset.  Our staff is trained to help you determine the correct door hardware for your existing door.  We have showroom displays and catalogs to help you select the right handleset for your home.

By:  Jill McPherson

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