Selecting the Right Window

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Picking the right window for replacement, remodeling, or new construction can be very confusing for most consumers.

Vinyl, Aluminum Clad Wood, Fiberglass, Fiberglass with wood interiors…so many choices, aesthetics, glass selection, Design Pressure Ratings, U-Values, Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, Visible Light Transmission, Sound Transmission Class, Condensation Resistant Factors, Energy Star Ratings, exterior colors, interior prefinish options, grille types, hardware finishes, warranties, ad nauseam.    So much information…you’ve heard it all… “we’re seventeen times more efficient”, “our glass has twelve layers of this and that”,  “our windows are seven times stronger”, “we back our windows with a 50 year warranty”, what’s next “our windows make you smarter”.

Confused???  We can help…Come to our showroom where you can see all types of windows and options in each category produced by the highest quality window manufacturers in the Country, in a comfortable, no pressure environment.   All of our consultants are true window professionals.  We will simplify the selection process and provide you with the relevant information required to make the best decision to fit your exact needs.  Considering the investment you are making, picking the right window for your application is crucial.

By: Bernard Timmer


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