Installed Sales

Installed SalesKansas City Building Supply is pleased to offer installed sales of our window products for the metro area replacement market. Our fully warranted and certified installation program is second to none. From start to finish our commitment is to provide a full service and fully warranted install. These are a few of the steps we take to ensure complete customer satisfaction:

  • Identify Customer’s Needs (one or more)
    • 1. Correct existing condition such as wood rot, hail damage, termite infestation
    • 2. Improve energy efficiency
    • 3. Change aesthetics
    • 4. Sustainability
    • 5. Low maintenance
  • Evaluate product alternatives that fit needs
    • 1. Consult with one of our window professionals to select the product type and options
    • 2. Obtain any needed technical information
    • 3. Verify fit and finish of window options in our showroom
  • Site verification
    • 1. Confirm sizing
    • 2. Determine the extent of materials to be replaced
    • 3. Evaluate site conditions for the installers
    • 4. Tentative discussion on how the project would proceed with minimal intrusion
  • Written installation proposal
  • Review installation timeline
  • Formal contract
  • Installation commences within one week of receiving the windows and/or doors
  • Two year KCBS Gold Seal Warranty on the installation labor, together with the full manufacturer’s warranty on the products supplied

Please fill out the form below to have our professional sale staff contact you regarding new windows for your home.

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